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Tuesday | October 27

  • 11:00 am – 11:20 am – State of University Esports – Inflection Point
    • Kurt Melcher

    11:20 am – 11:50 am – Expanding Vision – College 2.0
    • Callum Fletcher

    11:50 am – 12:30 pm – University Esports x Traditional Esports Conferences
    • Chris Schnieder
    • Dr. Greg Crawford
    • Dan Coonan
    • Robert Dranoff
    • David Brunk
    • Glenn Platt

    12:30 pm – 1:00 pm – HBCU – Elevating Esports
    • Ryan Johnson
    • Kevin Hoang

    1:00 pm – 1:30 pm – Elevating Club/Recreational Esports on Camera
    • Kathy Chaing
    • Courtney James
    • Kirk Robles
    • Pam Watts

    1:30 pm – 2:00 pm – Platforms Rising: How Tech is Changing the Game for Universities
    • Rob Schneider
    • Wim Stock
    • John Pierce

    2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – Collegiate Esports Production – Broadcast Your Brand
    • Chris Haskell
    • Sam Morris
    • AJ Dimick
    • Todd Harris
    • Kevin Mitchell

    2:30 pm – 3:00 pm – Fundraising and Revenue in College Esports
    • Anne O’Donnell
    • Heath Price
    • Tomitha Blake
    • Heidi Woodbury
    • Mark Deppe
    • Tomitha Blake
      Assistant Vice Provost for Advancement, Academic & Student Affairs
      University of Washington
    • David Brunk
      Commissioner, Peach Belt Conference (D2)
      Peach Belt Conference
    • Kathy Chaing
      UCI Esports
    • Dan Coonan
    • Greg Crawford
      President of Miami University, President of the Esports Collegiate Conference Board of Directors
      Miami University
    • Mark Deppe
      UCI Esports and Commissioner at North American Scholastic Esports Federation
    • AJ Dimick
      Esports Director of Operations
      University of Utah
    • Robert Dranoff
      East Coast Conference
    • Callum Fletcher
      Illinois Wesleyan University
    • Todd Harris
      Co-Founder of Hi-Rez Studios
      Skillshot Media
    • Chris Haskell
      Director of Esports, Clinical Assoc. Professor
      Boise State University
    • Kevin Hoang
    • Courtney James
      DePaul University
    • Ryan Johnson
    • Kurt Melcher
      Executive Director, Esports
      Intersport Inc.
    • Kevin Mitchell
      Esports Professor
      Emerson College-CEX
    • Sam Morris
      CEO & University of Utah Graduate
      Space Productions
    • Anne O'Donnell
      Senior Executive Director, Corporate Relations
      UC San Diego
    • John Pierce
      Partner, Managing Director
      Player 2
    • Glenn Platt
      Professor and Director; Co-Director of Varsity Esports
      Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies
    • Heath Price
      Associate CIO
      University of Kentucky
    • Kirk Robles
      Associate Director of Business Development
      University of Cal Berkely
    • Chris Schneider
      Senior Associate Commissioner, Sport Administration and Championships
      BIG EAST Conference
    • Rob Schneider
      Chief Content, Strategy and Development Officer
      Learfield IMG
    • Wim Stocks
      WorldGaming & Collegiate Starleague
    • Pam Watts
      Executive Director
      NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation
    • Heidi Woodbury
      Vice President of Institutional Advancement
      University of Utah
  • The “next big thing” in sports activations is all grown up and has quickly become a seasoned sports sponsorship platform. Now in its third year, our annual “102” workshop gives up-and-coming esports marketers, or those who might be seasoned in other areas but new to this industry, the strategic tools and insights they need to jump into the deep end in esports—fast. In this rapid-fire afternoon master class presented by a faculty of brand practitioners and esports experts, we’ll get you up to speed on the unique nuances of the esports universe: what it is, who participates, which brands are involved and what you need to know to engage this massive (and growing) audience of esports fanatics—both online and in the real world. Attendees will get:

    + Context: Inside the rise of esports and its role in the 2021 marketing mix
    + Ideas: Exclusive overviews of sponsorship and engagement strategies fans and players love
    + Best Practices: What successful brands are doing in esports—and how you can do it, too
    + The Ecosystem: Who does what and how is it changing in a post-COVID world
    + Trends: The top trends impacting the industry in 2021
    + Candid Advice: “Anything goes” questions answered by industry experts
    • Sarah Dale
      Vice President, Brand Partnerships and Strategy
      Jack Morton
    • Wayne Leonard
      George P. Johnson
    • Matt Somma
      Experience Strategist
      George P. Johnson
  • SHE-E-O (45 minutes)
    In first six months on the job:
    Go from zero CS:GO and LCS teams to two in 45 days AND win? -- Check
    Launch an innovative and immersive ‘go green’ initiative and tie it in with LCS? -- Check
    Win a Competitive Grant, Connect a Global Women in Games Community while pivoting an entire masterplan? - Check

    Whether you’re celebrating greatness, living evil, mastering milestone after milestone, this power trio of CEOs will share their wisdom on being in the highest. Registered attendees have the opportunity to submit questions to the CEOs ahead of the session.

    Moderator: Nicola Piggott, Founder/Co-CEO, The Story Mob
    Speakers: Tricia Sugita, CEO, Fly Quest
    Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO, Evil Geniuses
    Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO, Women in Gaming

    See Her; Now Be Her (45 minutes)
    Esports doesn’t just need more women who are professional players, casters, and/or CEOs. Women are needed in roles throughout the entire industry. Get to know a group of remarkable women and their journey

    Moderator: Karen Henessy-Coles, VP People+Culture, IGC
    Speakers: Kristen Salvatore, SVP, C9
    Monica Dinsmore, Head of Publishing, Riot Games Europe/LEC
    Krista Hiner, Partner, ESG Law

    Fireside chat
    Aerial Powers is a WNBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and avid gamer. While the WNBA was sidelined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aerial took her passion for gaming to the masses. Call of Duty: Warzone, NBA 2K, VALORANT, you name the game, she plays it and brands are taking notice.

    Moderator: Lizzie Leader, Director of Comms, Axiomatic
    Speaker: Aerial Powers, Champion, WNBA
    • Monica Dinsmore
      Head of Publishing
      Riot Games Europe / LEC
    • Karen Henessy-Coles
      VP People+Culture
    • Krista Hiner
      ESG Law
    • Marie-Claire Isaaman
      Women in Games
    • Nicole LaPointe Jameson
      Chief Executive Officer
      Evil Geniuses
    • Lizzie Leader
      aXiomatic Gaming
    • Nicola Piggott
      The Story Mob
    • Aerial Powers
    • Kristen Salvatore
      SVP of Marketing
      Cloud9 Esports, Inc.
    • Tricia Sugita
      Fly Quest
  • Cooking demonstration by Julia Collin Davison of America's Test Kitchen
    • Julia Collin Davison
      Executive Editorial Director
      America's Test Kitchen
  • Deep Dive: “Esports Basics for Brand and Sports Marketers” with Nathan Lindberg, RVP of Twitch Properties, for Q&A and an exclusive look at “For the Love of the Game”, Twitch’s newest esports research study!
    • Nathan Lindberg
      Regional Vice President, East
  • Lifestyle elements from the esports community and its celebrity influencers continue to emerge as one of the biggest success stories from the new media dynamic. Merch drops, celebrity designers and continued mainstream clothing deals made some of the biggest headlines in 2020. Now, EBS is proud to deliver our own Licensing Show for the new gaming dynamic, with esports teams and influencers selling out inventory at a record pace. We'll bring in team leaders, global brands, up and coming designers, distribution companies and more to break down how this side of the industry is rapidly evolving and what teams, brands, personalities and more need to know now in order to avoid some of the early pitfalls seen in recent years.

    We Are Nations Keynote

    Join Ateyo cofounders, Breanne and Rachel, to hear them speak about their experience building an authentic brand in gaming. Their unique approach to innovative products, community building, viral moments, and brand partnerships will give insight into how to become a beloved and trusted brand within the gaming ecosystem.

    The Birth of a Fashion Capsule - From the Inside Out
    Gaming is not just entertainment- it is a massive social network essential to today's pop culture, as evidenced by the importance of fashion, clothing, and merchandise. Today's fans are savvy consumers who want -- and expect -- something much more innovative than a t-shirt with a logo slapped on it. So how do you create high-quality items and collaborations that are cool, unique, and cutting edge - and something that fans will want to wear? Hear from longtime fashion industry vets XSET founders Greg Selkoe and Wil Eddins as they discuss the creation of a capsule. From working with premiere designers, to production, to distribution, to hype. marketing, and release -- get an inside look at the building of a line from the bottom up.

    Winning at Whack a Mole: Effectively Combating Counterfeit Esports Merchandise
    This session will leverage the law and technology to efficiently combat merchandise counterfeiting throughout the world.
    • Rachel Feinberg
    • Matthew I. Growney
      Creative Director of Thermal Brands and Head of Special Projects
    • Breanne Harrison
    • Patrick Mahoney
      We Are Nations
    • Greg Selkoe
      Co-Founder, CEO
    • Walker Jacobs
      Chief Revenue Officer
    • Paul Mascali
      Head of Esports and Gaming
    • Daniel Kelley
      Director-Corporate Marketing

Wednesday | October 28

  • Barry and Sitrin will discuss how their perspectives on the evolution of esports and break down how they ideated, launched and executed several content and live event partnerships between ELEAGUE and EA – including three FIFA major championships (two in the U.S. and one abroad), multiple premium television series and most recently, a unique content distribution alignment surrounding hit reality competition show The Sims Spark’d.
    · Barry will discuss how ELEAGUE has been able to leverage its unique production, content and live event hosting capabilities to drive massive fan engagement with young, diverse audiences.
    · Sitrin breaks down EA’s expanded definition of “esports”, touching on the growth of the FIFA competitive sphere and growing interest surrounding The Sims franchise, as well as why ELEAGUE continues to be the perfect partner to help generate meaningful premium content extensions for its massively popular game titles.
    • Craig Barry
      Executive Vice President/Chief Content Officer
      ELEAGUE/Turner Sports
    • Todd Sitrin
      General Manager, Competitive Gaming Division
      Electronic Arts
    • Michele Morrow
      Final Boss
      Under Pressure Productions
  • With a direct connection to a passionate ecosystem that will step up for social causes and charities, non-profits are discovering unprecendented new ways to drive awareness and raise funds through gaming, esports and influencers. What can brands learn from these organizations and their tactics and how can they best get involved with these causes? Leaders from multiple charities deeply involved in the gaming space will share their stories about working with influencers, lay out best practices and break down the good and bad activations that they have experiences in addition to discussing what the industry can do to make charity a more involved and successful part of their content.
    • Gregory Haynes
      Lead Games User Researcher
      AbleGamers Charity
    • Lindsay Moreau
      Assistant Director, Partnerships
      The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    • Zorine TE
      Marketing Director
      Player 2
    • Zachary Whitten
      Director of Innovation, Gaming + Content Creator Development
      ST. Jude Children's Research Hospital Inc
    • Zach Wigal
      Gamers Outreach
    • Christie St. Martin
  • Join our panel to hear the latest trends in venture financing for gaming and esports, along with alternative financing options that are helping to sustain growth of the ecosystem.
    Topics that will be covered:
    • Discuss latest trends on venture financing in gaming and esports
    • Learn about alternative financing options
    • Highlight BitKraft’s fund and areas of focus
    • Al Guerrero
      Managing Director
      Silicon Valley Bank
    • Scott Rupp
      Founding Partner
      BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
    • Kent Wakeford
      Gen.G esports
  • After a massive debut that saw its two-month beta testing period average of nearly 3 million players logging on each day to play Valorant, while fans clocked more than 470 million viewership hours, Riot Games will take center stage to discuss the path forward for the game's rapidly emerging esports scene. Be the first to hear about what the publisher has planned for the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, what the takeaways werre from its early competitions and why fans and brands should expect big things ahead.
    • Whalen Rozelle
      Co-Head of Esports
      Riot Games
  • This panel will focus on future-flexible esport venue design while taking a deeper look into what makes Esports Stadium Arlington successful today and adaptable for tomorrow. Ensure your venue is accommodatable for multi-use purposes and utilize of your building year-round while generating ROI.
    • Brian Mirakian
      Senior Principal
    • Jonathon Oudthone
      Esports Stadium Arlington
  • A revamped esports scene for Call of Duty paid dividends for Activision, as the franchised model came out swinging for its debut this year, lining up multi-city competitions before the pandemic forced all-online changes for the community. Now, hear from the Commissioner herself as she breaks down the opportunities and challenges that the league enountered in its first go-around, and learn more about the upcoming changes ahead as the league maps out year two.
    • Johanna Faries
      Commissioner of Call of Duty League
      Activision Blizzard Esports
    • Erin Ashley Simon
      Venn Corp
  • You have a great idea, now how do you turn that into a successful 360° campaign? With more than 40MM US gamers contributing to 1.2B pageviews across 100,000 gaming communities, Fandom understands the behavior of gamers and uses its first-party data and research to help brands activate in the gaming and esports space. Sean Kiely, Head of Gaming and Esports Sales, shares how Fandom uses its insights into esports fans to create comprehensive campaigns for clients. Learn how brands are reaching the esports audience at other touchpoints, such as media and custom content, to deeply and authentically connect with fans.
    • Sean Kiely
      Head of Gaming and Esports Sales
    • Chris Pursell
      Head of Content, Sports & Esports
  • Whether you’re tentatively “checking it out” or jumping into the deep end with all your marketing dollars in hand, we’ve got you covered with a first-person perspective on all the highs and lows of getting into esports. Get first-hand insights on where “newbie” brands should start and how to better understand and navigate the complexities of the esports ecosystem. Learn how to talk about, and champion, esports within your organization. Hear how esports is different than traditional sports and how to think about your marketing strategy with that in mind. Walk away armed with candid insights and tips on what top brands have learned in their first year in esports—and how you can better navigate your first year, too.
    • Paul Mascali
      Head of Esports and Gaming
    • Faye Stein
      Marketing Director
    • Scott Warfield
      Managing Director, Gaming
  • Esports Playbook for Brands: The Growth of Non-Endemic Sponsors and Cultivating Authentic Relationships Esports provides a burgeoning platform for marketers looking to reach an increasingly important consumer audience. Within the past year, interest in professional competitive video gaming is growing with one in five fans globally following esports. Addressing this audience can be a challenge for brands because of their cord-cutting and ad-blocking tendencies. Join David Halas as he talks about the participation of non-endemic brands in esports through strategic sponsorships and activations. He will share insights about the growing presence of non-endemics in the space, how they are generating value through their partnerships and offer tips for how marketers can cultivate authentic relationships with this elusive audience.
    • David Halas
      VP, Head of Brands and Esports
  • Carefully laid out plans to compete across the country and even across the oceans in year three of Overwatch League were put in flux with the impact of COVID-19 forcing staff to shore up new technology, schedule and tactics to continue play. Entering its second year of its deal with YouTube, the league now looks forward to 2021, not to mention the eventual introduction of Overwatch 2, and we'll hear from Overwatch League Esports VP Jon Spector about the need for an overhaul as a result of the virus, what lessons were learned, what will carry over into year four and more.
    • Jon Spector
      Vice President, Overwatch Esports
      Blizzard Entertainment
    • Chris Puckett
      Overwatch League
  • The esports and gaming industry have been in a prime position to provide innovative solutions for creative concepts during COVID, with digital scale and interactivity already inherent to the esports and gaming industry. However, live events ultimately cannot be replaced for esports fans, with major events being the zenith of fans’ engagement. In this panel, we will discuss how brands can bring experiential practices into digital activations in esports & gaming, trends that we’re seeing in digital events and gamification, and what the future of experiential for esports will be.
    • Matthew Archambault
      Head of Esports Partnerships and Business Development for North America
      Riot Games
    • Arica Kress
      Head of Strategic Partnerships
      Esports Engine
    • Kai Mathey
      Head of partnerships
    • Tatiana Tacca
      Director of Esports
  • ELEAGUE returns to the State of the Union lineup, with Jennifer Dill, Turner Sports VP of Esports set to address the company's evolving approach to gaming and esports, which has included new shows, partnerships and perspectives. The award-winning esports and gaming entertainment brand continues to spread its wings throughou the ecosystem, to produce some of the most-watched esports coverage across all platforms, while providing brand partners with unparalleled opportunities to connect with passionate, young audiences. From late-night shows to new ideas on the competitive gaming concept, don't miss this session to learn about what's ahead.
    • Jennifer Dill
      Vice President, esports
      Turner Sports
    • Brandon Gill
      Director of Experience and Gaming
      Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Kevin Knocke
      Chief Creative Officer
    • Joe Caporoso
      EVP of Content & Brand Platforms
      Whistle Sports Inc
    • Robbie Landis
    • Griffin Spikoski
      Fortnite Pro
  • Enthusiast Gaming and Omnia Media may not be household names, but their network of community sites is home to an audience of worldwide gamers when they're not actively gaming. It's where they interact with each other, get breaking news and gaming content, follow their favorite influencers, and support their Esports teams. Please join Adrian Montgomery, CEO, Enthusiast Gaming and Greg Kampanis, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Omnia Media for a wide-ranging conversation around their journey to building the largest gaming network—for gamers, by gamers. Enthusiast Gaming remains committed to building gaming communities of like-minded fans, providing sources of trusted gaming information, and producing engaging advertising experiences. They recently acquired Omnia Media, which owns some of the largest gaming video content brands on YouTube and Snapchat and represents some of the world’s top gaming influencers. In doing so, Enthusiast Gaming officially became the largest gaming network in North America, and now reaches over 300 million gamers with 4.2 billion-page views every month. The duo will speak to the what this acquisition means for both parties—why a gaming company buying a media company is so unique; gaming as the new social network and its prominence in reaching the Gen Z and millennial generations; and how they’ve embraced the popularity of gaming, during these safer-at-home times, while looking forward to the return of live esports events.
    • Leslie Fitzsimmons
      Executive Director of Sales & Marketing
      Beasley Media Group
    • Greg Kampanis
      Senior Vice President and General Manager
      Omnia Media
    • Adrian Montgomery
      Luminosity Gaming (Enthusiast Gaming)
  • Irreverent fast food chain and kings of the late night munchie meal, Jack in the Box, was one of the first non-endemic brands to dive head first into esports in 2017. Through a sponsorship with Envy Gaming and its Dallas Fuel (Overwatch League) and Dallas Empire (Call of Duty League) teams, Jack delivered award-winning and fan favorite content, activations and food to gaming enthusiasts for the last three years. Recently, Envy Gaming and Jack in the Box announced a multiyear renewal of their partnership. Come learn more about what made the partnership a success…
    • Kaylee Hultgren
      Group Content Manager
      Event Marketer Magazine
    • Adrienne Ingoldt
      SVP, Chief Brand and Experience Officer
      Jack In The Box Inc.
    • Mark Coughlin
      Chief Revenue Officer
      Envy Gaming
  • EBS welcomes ESL Co-CEO Craig Levine this year where he will break down the roadmap for the world’s longest-running professional league for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other ESL endeavors. Following 2020's historic Louvre Agreement, the Pro League is now jointly owned by 13 of the leading CS:GO teams and ESL, and heads into uncharted waters with an audience anxious for a return to live play. ESL continues to boast a slate of ground-breaking partnerships with brands and media outlets around the world, so be sure to catch Levine's take on the trends that are impacting tournament play and the ESL brand, and learn about how the league is plotting for a historic 2021.
    • Craig Levine
  • After wrapping up a historic season, NBA 2K League Managing Director Brendan Donohue returns to EBS, offering his take on the disruption of the schedule and how that impacted the league and its goals, how the league is making in-roads internationally, how the league is bringing in new brands and partners and exposing the path ahead for the esport.
    • Brendan Donohue
      Managing Director
      NBA 2K League
    • Sarah Looss
      Head of Sales, Americas
    • Sarah Stringer
      EVP, Head of US Media Partnerships
    • Norris Howard
    • Wim Stocks
      WorldGaming & Collegiate Starleague
  • Rishi Chadha, Head of Gaming Content Partnerships at Twitter shares some of the company's insights and trends impacting the social spread and messaging for some of esports hottest events, teams and brands. Hear straight from the source what events surprised and made the most use of social noise, whose growth is outperforming their peers, and what is impacting conversations on the platform.
    • Rishi Chadha
      Head of Gaming Content Partnerships
  • The greatest barrier in the esports industry is accessibility. Whether it is lack of access to high-quality gaming equipment or a lack of opportunities, these underlying issues have always been prominent in the gaming community. We are here to change that. Esports venue industry leaders Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO of Vindex, John Fazio, CEO of Nerd Street Gamers, and Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports are joining together to address these issues. Join them as they discuss how infrastructure and the current pandemic play a huge part in the future model of esports.
    • Sundance DiGiovanni
    • John Fazio
      Nerd Street Gamers
    • Jud Hannigan
      Allied Esports
  • Finding the “right” teams, players and leagues to align with your brand requires due diligence, but also a nuanced and highly collaborative approach that transcends basic brand placement and logo recognition. Learn how some of today’s most impactful esports partnerships have evolved to become in-depth programs that tell inspiring and aspirational stories that resonate with players and fans alike. Find out how—and why—some of the leading sponsors in esports are leading with storytelling in their campaigns. We’ll show real-world examples of winning campaigns and we’ll unpack what worked and how you can apply current best practices.
    • Miranda Prins
  • Learn firsthand how programmatic advertising - the process of automating the buying and selling of ad inventory in real-time through an automated bidding system - is changing the game for esports entities. Jeff Mayer, VP, Programmatic at Team SoloMid, breaks down the intricacies and benefits of this and will unveil the Blitz Private Marketplace. This session would discuss:
    For brands, the benefits programmatic can have for brands wanting to align in the esports space; the efficiency in spend and ability to test smaller budgets
    For publishers, a road map on how to monetize their users and properties
    For tech/developers, how programmatic ad solutions broaden reach and can be implemented on existing platforms.
    • Jeffrey Mayer
      Vice President, Programmatic
  • The world of esports and gaming houses a vast and diverse group of talent. However, both endemically and non-endemically, pro competitive players, content creators, and streamers often get grouped into a single misleading title of "pro gamers" This causes confusion to an already fragmented marketplace as well as misevaluating the individual talent. Each category of talent brings slightly different types of audience, content, revenue streams, goals etc.
    • Darren Yan
      VP of Talent
      FaZe Clan
    • Jud Hannigan
      Allied Esports
    • Chris Pursell
      Head of Content, Sports & Esports
    • Bob Holtzman
      Founder and Principal
      Co-op Mode Communications
    • Joshua Nino De Guzman
  • Cyber safety for gamers and publishers is reaching new levels of need as the sophistication of attackers and what types of attacks they carry out grow. This lends to customer service issues, negative brand impact and overall is bad for our gaming public and the ecosystem. Bob will talk about the threats that gamers are facing and what that means for the industry
    • Robert J. Shaker II
      Director, Product Strategy and Marketing
      Norton for Gamers
    • Ben Wadors
      Manager, Business Development
  • Hear from both brands and sports leagues as they look at how they are adapting and changing their thinking between a traditional sports model and audience to an esports model and audience; what is easily relatable, what is completely different, and how are these brands and leagues turning it into a successful engagement of a new audience? Understand how your brand might be able to establish and grow within these early(ish) days of esports…
    • Joe Barnes
      Bud Light
    • Zach Hahn
      Head of Global Sales
    • Kirby Johnston
      Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Bion West
    • Albert Briggs
      Sales Director
      Super League Gaming
    • Rachel Makena
      Content Creator
    • Seth "Scump" Abner
      Content Creator/Call of Duty World Champion
      Chicago Huntsmen
    • Mike Lee
      Esports Agent
      United Talent Agency
  • Join us for a virtual celebration of the 2020 Tempest Awards, honoring winners across 20+ categories covering the esports industry's elite and the 2020 luminaries.
    • Steve Arhancet
      Team Liquid
    • Victor Goossens
      Founder and CO-CEO
      Team Liquid
    • Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham
      Sr. Director of Creator Development
    • Arda Ocal
    • Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere
      League of Legends World Championship

Thursday | October 29

  • Sitting at the epicenter of content evolution of gaming + esports is FaZe Clan. FaZe Clan has boldly transformed esports and gaming from a fringe pastime to a prospering business with multiple revenue streams. For this FaZe Clan spotlight session, we are pleased to have FaZe Clan CEO, Lee Trink, investor and member FaZe Simmo (professional NBA Ben Simmons), and world-famous content creator FaZe Temperrr join us on INSERT DATE. We are excited to break down what sets FaZe Clan apart with topics ranging from the authenticity of FaZe, how they have redefined the stereotype of what it means to be a gamer, defining the voice of youth culture, recruiting talent within the esports + gaming industry and their successful, record breaking pivot to the livestream business.
    • Yousef "Apex" Abdelfattah
      FaZe Clan
    • Thomas "Temperrr" Oliveira
      FaZe Clan
    • Ben Simmons
      FaZe Clan Member and All-Star
    • Lee Trink
      FaZe Clan
  • Cyber safety for the gaming community is seeing more attacks than ever before partly with this improved sophistication of attackers and the massive growth as a result of the pandemic. We’ll review why gamers are excellent targets, examples of attacks being used against them and what gamers are most concerned about with regards to their own safety.
    • Robert J. Shaker ll
      Director, Product Strategy and Marketing
      Norton for Gamers
    • Ben Wadors
      Manager, Business Development
  • One of esports' most active and passionate fanbases took a hit in 2020 as the fighting game circuit took a hit from both COVID-19 cancellations as well as a flurry of accusations that brought down competitor, talent and executive alike. What will happen to the industry if there is another year of cancellations? How will the community be able to rally? What do brands need to know as potential partners? This session will explore the ramifications of a brutal 2020 and what needs to happen in order for the Fighting Game Community to emerge stronger than ever.
    • Alan Bunney
      Panda Global
    • Jeannail "Cuddle_Core" Carter
      Pro Tekken 7 Player & Content Creator
      Equinox Gaming
    • David "UltraDavid" Graham
      Attorney & FGC Commentator
    • Alex Jebailey
      Founder/CEO of CEO Gaming and FGC Director
    • Zack Kattermann
      Sr. Director, Esports
      Intersport Inc.
  • Like any sports franchise, esports doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all demographic. This means opportunity for brands of all stripes looking for an “in” with this growing crowd. Listen in as some of the industry’s top non-endemic “early adopters” (all-new faces this year!) share their tips and best practices for translating non-endemic brand messages into brand experiences esports fans understand—and crave. Learn how brands are connecting the dots between their brand’s key attributes and what esports fans want. Get insights on striking deals and partnerships that will resonate with audiences. Walk away with a checklist of dos and don’ts you can apply to your first foray into esports.
    • Erin Millard
      Senior Brand Manager
      The Gillette Company / P&G
  • With COVID, all in-person broadcasts had to quickly adapt to be completely remote broadcasts. Everything from the production, to the players, to the broadcast talent had to all start working out of their homes. We'll attempt to cover the pain points of all areas during this transition. The areas of great change since March, and the areas that still have plenty of room for improvement. How has overall community reception been to these online only broadcasts? The emotional toll it can have on talent used to working out of hype, packed arenas as well will be a big point of discussion.
    • Gabriella "LeTigress" Devia-Allen
      LCS Desk Host/Sideline Reporter
    • Andrew Tomlinson
      Owner / Founder
      Character Select Agency
    • Rachel Quirico
    • Brent Koning
      FIFA Competitive Gaming Commissioner
      Electronic Arts (EA)
    • Michael LaBelle
      Professional Esports Athlete
      New York Red Bulls
  • Matt Hillman, co-founder of Zoned Gaming will host Brett Lautenbach, president at NRG Esports for a quickfire fireside chat regarding esports and partnerships.
    • Matt Hillman
      Zoned Gaming
    • Brett Lautenbach
      NRG Esports
  • This panel will discuss a few "hot" legal topics in the esports and gaming world. This includes exploring the recent CS:GO bans for "cheating," "Fortnite Mobile" and the current Epic Games vs. Apple dispute, DMCA Take-Down Notices on Twitch and Geo-Political Issues (Tencent/PUBG/TikTok)
    • Kevin Hitt
      Lead Investigative Journalist
      The Esports Observer
    • Justin M. Jacobson
      Ford Esports & Gaming
    • Roger R. Quiles
      Quiles Law
    • Ian Smith
  • Join Stream Hatchet as they walkthrough their latest esports insights on the impact of the COVID pandemic on the streaming and esports industry. Dive deep into relevant KPIs to draw parallels between the growth of esports and broader media.
    • Bobby Baird
      Director of Strategic Partnerships
      Stream Hatchet SLU
    • Jake Phillips
      Chief Revenue Officer
      Stream Hatchet SLU
  • Topics
    • Quick player background
    • Journey to the 2K League
    • Day in the life of a 2K League player
    • Season 3 of the 2KL (playing remotely)
    • Working with organization and league to build personal brand
    • What it is like being part of a professional sports league
    • Ryan “Dayfri” Conger
      Wizards District Gaming
    • Jeff Eisenband
      NBA 2K League
    • Michael “BearDaBeast” Key
      T-Wolves Gaming
  • COVID-19 will impact the way esports events and activations look in the year ahead, but it’s not the only trend impacting the marketing landscape. Listen in as an expert panel offers its predictions on how players will play in 2012, how fans with engage and how brands will need to adjust and pivot to keep pace. Get a comprehensive look at where the smartest activation opportunities will lie, and where you can think creatively to carve out new ones. Learn when it makes sense to create your own esports event and how to do that in a socially-distanced world. Walk away inspired and educated on the kinds of activations that will make connections and move the needle for endemic and non-endemic brands alike.
    • Major Patrick Farrel
      Army Enterprise Marketing Office
      US Army & National Guard
    • Nathan Lindberg
      Regional Vice President, East
    • Chris Mann
  • In the span of 20 years, Team Liquid has evolved from a website into one of the world’s most competitive esports organizations. Join Liquid’s COO Mike Milanov and aXiomatic’s VP of Strategy Mark Vela as they explore how the legacy enterprise continues to expand its reach across new business sectors and audiences and what it’s doing to ensure success in an ever-growing gaming market.
    • Mike Milanov
      Team Liquid
    • Mark Vela
      Chief Strategy Officer
      aXiomatic Gaming
  • This panel will feature the team of WME agents responsible for closing the largest deals ever at both YouTube and Twitch and representing the biggest gaming names, including Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Preston and Jericho. These experts will explain how the unique intersection of digital native talent, traditional talent crossing into gaming and traditional brand consultancy work enables them to develop strategies on behalf of major media companies, particularly notable as Fortune 100 media players enter the space.

    What three questions will the session aim to answer:
    o How to take a 360-degree approach to gamer and gaming influencer representation
    o How to stand out in the gamer consultancy marketplace
    o Best practices for businesses looking to either develop a gamer representation business or significantly advance their existing gaming business channel
    • Conor Beesemyer
      Digital Media Agent
    • David Huntzinger
      Digital Media Agent
    • Shibby Webb
      Digital Media Agent
  • Five-time world Counter-Strike champion Stephanie Harvey breaks down Counter-Logic Gaming’s multiple moves to grow its roots in diversity, showcasing the strategies and lessons learned from investing in diversity and why it matters, even if you get little to no money back into the venture.
    • Dan Fleeter
      Chief Operations Officer
    • George Georgallidis
      President and Owner
      Counter Logic Gaming
    • Stephanie Harvey
      Director of Esports Franchise Development and Outreach
    • Matt Nausha
      Head of Esports
    • Summer Scott
      Head of Player Development
  • Learn how Porsche has put in place esports racing structures, how the brand has added value to the esports space, how the real world of motorsports interacts with esports racing and how Porsche is integrating its partners into the esports racing world.
    • Sebastian Hornung
      Head of Porsche Branded Entertainment
    • Kaylee Hultgren
      Group Content Manager
      Event Marketer Magazine
  • As the audience for esports action grows across the planet, the conversation on Twitter has never been bigger! No matter the league, the title, the talent or the country of origin, people everywhere are coming to Twitter to talk about it. To take a deeper look at what’s now and what’s next within the vibrant community, Rishi Chadha (Twitter’s Global Head of Gaming Content Partnerships) will be hosting a virtual panel discussion with key members of prominent esports teams & leagues. The panel will focus on how these game changers are leaning into Twitter more than ever and how their strategy has evolved as we’ve moved towards more digital-first events for 2020 and beyond.
    • Rishi Chadha
      Head of Gaming Content Partnerships
    • Chelsea Delbridge
      Senior Manager of Digital Content
      Activision Blizzard Esports
    • Sebastian Diamond
      FaZe Clan
    • Mateus Portilho
      Head of Social Media
      Cloud9 Esports, Inc.
    • Joe Thorn
      Social Media Lead
      LCS Desk Host/Sideline Reporter
    • Kurt Melcher
      Executive Director, Esports
      Intersport Inc.
    • Diane Purnell
      Brand Manager, Nathan’s Famous, Smithfield Foods
      Smithfield Foods
    • Nicole Pike
      Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming
      YouGov Sport
  • Franchising or qualifiers? What are fair free agent rules? Which team's branding makes others jealous? Don't miss our returning closing session, "The Congress of Team CEOs" as leaders from some of the hottest esports organizations gather to discuss and debate some of the burning questions facing teams today. This supersized experience breaks down where outfits are seeing revenue success, what brands need to know to effectively work with a squad, how the pandemic created unprecedented challenges, dealing with investors and their expectations, and how models will evolve moving forward.
    • Lori Burgess
      BeasleyXP Esports
    • Nicolas Maurer
      Team Vitality
    • Michele Morrow
      Final Boss
      Under Pressure Productions
    • John Robinson
      President and COO
      100 Thieves
    • Wouter Sleijffers
      Excel Esports
    • Ben Spoont
      CEO and Co-Founder
      Misfits Gaming Group
    • Frank Villarreal
      Co-Founder and CEO

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